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The Mortgage Store Cardiff

The Mortgage Store makes getting a mortgage smooth, easy and very quick. We’ll sort out the house, and then you can make it a home. With thousands of different mortgage schemes available in the UK for people with varying circumstances, finding the right mortgage deal can be very time-consuming. This is why we pride ourselves on our exceptional, 5-star service in helping people find the perfect mortgage deal.

Introducing Wisam Aldawoodi

Being the first representative of a big network like The Mortgage Store in South Wales is a huge step in my business development.

With long years of experience in the property market; Development, Sales, Lettings & Management in the UK & the Middle East, providing financial advice was my dream for the last few years & it has well been achieved!

I’ve been advising people & landlords here in Cardiff for buying/selling/renting their properties for the last 10 years as a property consultant. Now I am happy that I can help them in getting the mortgages they need to buy their first house or to boost their investments. Sharing the happiness with clients when they get their mortgage offer is simply wonderful.

Wisam Aldawoodi introduces The Mortgage Store Cardiff branch and explains the services offered by a mortgage broker.

Mortgage brokers are basically financial advisers for buying a new home or starting a new property investment. A good mortgage adviser maps out what is needed, how much to spend and how much a client can borrow. Financial advice is really important, especially at the early stages and the advice we offer is all authorised and regulated.

A mortgage broker can provide the right advice and has a duty of care towards the clients to provide the most suitable advice based on our knowledge in that field.

Mortgage advisers can access lenders from across the market, whereas if the client goes straight to their bank, they won’t necessarily give you the cheapest or the most suitable offer.

A mortgage adviser can access a number of lenders to see which is the most suitable for the client. A local bank can only offer their own product. Maybe someone else has a better product for them that’s cheaper, has a longer term, or the lending criteria is generally more suitable.

In the Cardiff branch, we have a background in converting properties for nearly ten years so we have a good idea about the market here and investments or home buyers.

We find the right property at the right size and price for the client. We look at how much deposit the client has and make sure that they are comfortable with the payments on the mortgage. If it’s going to be an investment, we look at the return, how long the term is and whether it’s going to be better to go with a repayment or Interest-Only mortgage. If customers are looking to boost their portfolio, we give advice from that direction as well.

We can also liaise between the estate agents and the solicitors to help things work more smoothly and take care of all the paperwork. We can get the Agreement in Principle, which is going to be the first step to make sure that a property is affordable. We also advise on Remortgages and Buy to Lets.

I always advise to see a broker at the earliest stage possible and our initial consultation is free of charge, here in Cardiff. It’s going to be very important for the client to put the plan in place for their property purchase.

Some people may have guarantors or take some money from family, so lenders need to know all that at an early stage.

Definitely. We can help clients anywhere in the UK, there is no problem at all. We can do Zoom calls, telephone calls, everything is online these days and even the ID check can be done using our software.

It’s nearly a year now (at the time of recording this episode in July 2022) at this location, but properties in general, I have about ten years in lettings and management and my background is as a civil engineer. I moved to the financial sector and really like it because there’s so many things to learn and you meet so many people from everywhere.

Cardiff is the capital of Wales and has the largest population here in Wales too. We have Cardiff University and the University Of South Wales, which is not far. There is a good opportunity to start new businesses and now it’s even easier for people to cross the bridge and invest here in Cardiff and Newport as the tolls have been removed. In Wales the prices are cheaper than London and other capitals, so people get more for their money.

There is high student demand in the summer and you get a good return on student property investments.

The initial consultation is free of charge, and here at The Mortgage Store Cardiff branch, we will carry out all of the necessary checks before you go ahead with any deals to avoid any disappointment.



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